About Me

I am a sports fan, first and foremost. My loyalty lies with the most downtrodden of all sports cities, Cleveland. Go Browns, Indians, and Cavs *sighs*. I live in Cincinnati, and that allows me to a) not feel so bad about my teams’ collective ineptitude, and b) find solace in the disappointment of local teams. I don’t relish the failures of Cincinnati teams, but rather hope for their success as long as it doesn’t come at the expense of a Cleveland team. My college loyalties lie with The Ohio State Buckeyes, with an eye on my alma mater Ohio Bobcats.

Since my teams generally aren’t competing at the summit of their respective sports, I have a keen sense of objectivity. I will write about the sporting community from my perspective, a fan whose hometown’s sporting landscape is miserable at best. I promise to do so with vigor and, hopefully, a bit of flair.


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